New Garage Flat Roof Thamesford Ontario

Hey Legacy fans!

This week we were out in Thamesford Ontario. Not the best week to be out on a roof, the Ontario summer is throwing a lot of humidity at us, but this is the gig, and we love the work we get to do for clients.

The project was working on a flat roof over the top of a garage. It’s a very nice space, and the homeowner has been wanting to complete some interior renovations to the garage, and needs the flat roof finished as he has been having some water issues.

Our job will be to install a new substrate, new base, new cap sheet, heat weld the seams and install new metal flashing around the perimeter.

The video for this job is a little short as it was such a hot day – we didn’t take too much time to video our progress as we needed to use the morning to get some of the harder work done!

We put down new sopaboard as well as the base sheet. We also added asphaltic board to the perimeter to provide some rigidity so it’s a lot stronger in order to provide a good substrate for the base and flashing. We had a board siding detail we needed to tie into as well.
Pro tip: one of the important things about flat roofing is that you want to envelope the entire perimeter. Many times we come out on site, and clients have water issues on and in their walls, they are dealing with leaks, mold, and issues in summer and winter. A proper professional flat roofing company will create a solid, reliable waterproof roofing surface by covering the entire surface of the roof, as well as the edges with a high quality membrane.

As you can see in the video the job turned out great, we think the client was very happy. He will now have the ability to complete his renovation, and enjoy his garage. You can see the client’s thoughts on our services by going here and hearing his thoughts in another video.

If you’re in South Western Ontario, and you’re in need of a new flat roof, or you’re having flat roof issues, please give us a call or send us an email.